Anna Osceola Mad Men Character – All The Details!

It was a once in a lifetime experience for fans of the hit-series, Mad Men when Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola tied the knot on Saturday. The two had been dating for two years and got engaged last year after meeting on the set.

The newlyweds chose Anderson Canyon in Big Sur to be their wedding destination, which is significant as it is where Don Draper’s story ended and he had an epiphany about the iconic Hilltop Coke ad from 1970. It was also here that John Slattery showed up to congratulate his former costar.

Anna Osceola Mad Men Character

Everyone present at the celebratory event was dressed in 1960s fashion with A-listers like Billy Crudup, Paul Rudd and Tina Fey making an appearance. The band even played the theme from the James Bond movie, ‘You Only Live Twice’ in honor of the couple.

Anna looked stunning in her flowing gown while Jon was incredibly dapper in his tuxedo for their magical day. However, the cherry on top moment for Mad Men fans was when they were served drinks with a hint of Mad Men themed cocktails to celebrate the occasion.

The two have had a strong connection since they first worked together and it is clear that their journey has just begun as husband and wife. We wish them lots of love, luck, and happiness!


It was a special Saturday indeed for both fans of the much-loved television series, Mad Men as well as for actors Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola. The two, who were dating each other for a couple of years, got married after getting engaged last year in an intimate ceremony at the beautiful Anderson Canyon in Big Sur.

What made this choice of destination so special was that this venue had been featured on the show too – with Don Draper’s story ending here as he had an epiphany about the iconic Hilltop Coke ad from 1970. Moreover, John Slattery even showed up to congratulate his former costar!


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